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Animal Related Property Inspections
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Rodents Use Their Teeth To Chew and Bite Which Can Cause Damage and Diseases

Several rodent situations are emergency situations, or at least are thought as such by the homeowner. Most commonly, the reason is an animal, a mouse or rat, inside a home making noise.  A raccoon could enter through a pet door and get stuck inside, or a squirrel could fall down a chimney and run loose in the house. Sometimes a bat will enter the house through a small opening in the attic, and the homeowner will see it in the kitchen and freak out. Or perhaps a bat will get stuck inside a house and fly around in circles.

Whatever the case, if you've got an emergency in the Dallas Texas area that requires immediate service, there's a good chance that this experienced rodent technician will be able to help save the day. Availability is the big issue, however, stay calm and pick up the phone and contact Texas Rodent Masters.
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From Locating to Removal and Aftercare, We Are Recommened Exterminators Throughout Dallas
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Texas Rodent Masters will climb and crawl until we find where the animal is getting into your home.  Once their location is found, we will discuss the options of removal with you to determine the best solution for getting rid of them and repairing any damage.
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Humane Methods

Even pests have a valuable part of our environment.  That is why we trap and get rid of most of the animals from your property.  We also keep the young with their mothers' when we release them as not to disturb the balance of nature.
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Rodents carry diseases, ticks and fleas into your home.  We clean the nesting areas for feces and urine, then spray to sanatize the areas.  It is always a good idea to control the odors left behind, we can remove those horrible smells too.
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Damage Repairs

Over the years we have seen widespread damage caused by rodents chewing and clawing through properties.  In most cases the damage is confined to one area.  Texas Rodent Masters can fix this damage once the animal is removed.

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From asthma • sinus problems • respiratory issues • bacteria growing on sheet rock • feas • ticks • parasites are left behind by these intruders in your home or business.  Rodents will chew, scratch and destroy anything to enter the ceiling, walls, attic or any part of a structure.  Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Opossum, and Skunks will chew on electrical wires which could cause a fire or chew through wooden studs which can weaken the integrity of any structure.  Rodents cause damage to siding, gutters, vents and soffits by chewing their way into the structure.  Sometimes this damage can go un-noticed until there are serious problems such as leaks coming from attics or roofs.  Not only do they create damage to your home, but can cause serious health problems as well as an infestation.

Texas Rodent Masters will remove all old and contaminated insulation and sanitize your infected space including all sheetrock and wood studs.  We also inspect and sanitize the air conditioning unit (if necessary) and exterior while sealing the entry points. We can replace insulation to ensure that you and your family are safe from any contaminates helping you save on your electric bill service.
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